God never gives big victory with “big” weapon.

Just a small stone in the hand of a small boy brought down big Goliath – 1Sam. 17.50

Just a small boy lunch of a 5 loaves and 2 fishes fed a crowd of 5, 000 men + women and children unnumbered.

Someone had respectfully said “What can these do among so many?”- Jh. 6:1-11.

Just a small idea in a forgotten prisoner made Joseph solved the riddle of Pharaoh’s dream and ultimately brought him out of the prison to the palace.

It doesn’t take more than a non-entity to become a celebrity.

Identify what you have, believe in what you have, celebrate what you have, value what you have, protect what you have, display what you have; it will amaze you what it can produce.

Think about and around what you have.